NEW VLOG! Guitar journaling to inner union

I am starting to learn the guitar. It is a vulnerable journey, as I am starting from scratch, and I am going to give this my full attention. The guitar is an allegory for my journey to a state of…

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Debut EP True North Now Available 

A meaningful music experience, and an ode to the rising of the divine Feminine. 

ZURICH June 2021: Today, Ingeborg officially releases her debut EP ‘True North’ in loving memory of her late grandmother, born on 16 June 1919, and honoring

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Music release official announcement for Debut EP True North to arrive in June.  

ZURICH, 7 May 2021: On the day of her single release ‘Rebel Hearts’, Ingeborg officially announces her debut EP ‘True North’ will arrive on 16 June 2021.

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