Guided by the Stars: Ingeborg's 'True North' Debut EP Invites You on a Transformative Quest of Self-Discovery 

A meaningful music experience, and an ode to the rising of the divine Feminine. 

ZURICH June 2021: Today, Ingeborg officially releases her debut EP ‘True North’ in loving memory of her late grandmother, born on 16 June 1919, and honoring her feminine spirit on earth. 

True North consists of 6 songs. The music tells a special story about Ingeborg as an artist and woman on her journey to enlightenment. The powerful drums resonate like powerful rituals, and warriors, standing up for freedom of the mind body and spirit, and reconnecting with the divine feminine within, as part of the healing of mother Gaia. 

“Let me take you on a journey into wild untamed nature, pure energy, ancient runes and Northern Lights. Experience meaningful sounds and lyrics that resonate with the heart,” This is where you’ll discover your True North. 

The songs on Ingeborg’s EP are influenced by artists like Florence and the Machine, Aurora, Dotan and Massive Attack, with a driving force to empower the heart. 

Ingeborg wrote and composed her music at home and on Mallorca, before she took them into the studio to produce it together with her production team - Alex Wilson (Soundscapes, piano and synths), Marque Gilmore (Beats, drums and sonics) vocals recorded by Cameron van As, Mixed and Mastered by Alex Mullarkey. Vocal pre-production done with LA vocal pre-producer Brad Chapman 

“To create your empire on solid grounds, you have to start within. Your inner voice will take you out of your comfort zone, into the wild, and wild she is. Directing you away from conditioning, old belief systems, habits, traditions. This asks for courage, patience and trust. But with you eye on your North Star, and your inner compass guiding you, you will find your way home.”  - Ingeborg 


Click here to listen to True North 



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