NEW VLOG! Guitar journaling to inner union

I am starting to learn the guitar. It is a vulnerable journey, as I am starting from scratch, and I am going to give this my full attention. The guitar is an allegory for my journey to a state of oneness, following my north node. Now what does that mean?


I can assure  you that it is quite the journey that taps into many different aspects of my life. I am breaking down old belief systems and conditionings to rewire my brain, and rebuild my relationship with my inner girl.  My journey started consciously in 2019. and since then I am working on empowering the divine feminine and masculine energy, to build an inner empire from a state of inner union. A journey with highs and lows, but a meaningful one, guiding me home. 

In my videos I will share with you my experiences, struggles and successes both on and off the guitar. One of my goals is to play my song Northern lights on the guitar, but let's start with strumming and building stamina in my fingers. 

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