Producer Ghandi and Ingeborg Join Forces for a Stellar Remix of 'Northern Lights 

ZURICH, January 13 January 2023: 

Dutch alternative pop, dreampop songstress Ingeborg has returned to reveal her latest remix on “Northern Lights”. The track stands as an alluring and enchanting reminder of compassion for self and others. Ingeborg is moving her message forward like never before in a world that is changing at rapid pace -  “Northern Lights” is taking a new dynamic upbeat stance, featuring Ingeborg’s signature melodic vocals, and builds to an melancholically hued explosive chorus.  

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Ingeborg has released a remix to the successful single, collaborating with Swiss Producer Andreas "Ghandi" Vetterli. The track combines Ingeborg’s melodic enchantment with a punching electronic dance background from Andreas "Ghandi" Vetterli. This collaboration leads to a truly hypnotizing soaring version of the track.  

Her debut single “Northern Lights” as well as “Rebel Hearts” exhibit and celebrate Ingeborg's power as singer songwriter and human being on a path to enlightenment, and reminds us that we all hold  power within us to create a life without compromise and live it a meaningful experience.  The remix is led by an upbeat thumping beat and showcases Ingeborg’s soaring yet melodical vocals. 

Andreas "Ghandi" Vetterli is an east Swiss sound engineer, producer, who has been offering audio commissioned work such as recording, mixing and full productions (also remixes) in his own sound studio migou-soundpool for over 20 years. 

Producer Ghandi plays various instruments, and has written and produced a number of songs for him self as well as other musicians. The focus of Ghandi's "migou-soundpool" is modern rock with electronic influences. As a collector and owner of old keyboard instruments, Ghandi is also at home in the genres: funk, soul and electronic music styles. His passion are old 80s Roland synthesizers and vintage electric pianos like Wurlizer and Rhodes.

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