Journey to Resilience: Ingeborg's 'Love Lost' Single and Remix Inspire Hope Amidst Chaos 

ZURICH 8 October 2021 : Ingeborg releases her single Love Lost together with a remix ,in her ongoing Duch collaboration with Herman Kuis.  Love Lost is the second single on Ingeborg's debut EP ‘True North’.  

Love Lost is a song with many different layers. Touching topics like heartbreak, the dark night of the ego, division created by old institutions and belief systems and the separation of the feminine and masculine energy. Reason for Ingeborg to release the song at this time in it's original together with the remix, is the intense contradictions and situations created through the pandemic. It is Ingeborg's message to keep listening to our hearts and keeping love at our center, no matter the turmoil we find ourselves in. 


“Love Lost is one of my favorite songs on the EP True North. This song has many different layers in meaning. I truly feel that Herman Kuis added an amazing dynamic to the song with his remix that opens up your heart to a higher dimension of love, by  creating awareness that we are all in this togthether.  


Herman Kuis who created the remix for Love Lost is an emerging DJ and Producer from Ingeborg's hometown Groningen in the Netherlands. He discovered Ingeborg’s single Northern Lights after her release in november 2019, and reached out for a collaboration. 

After presenting his first idea to the first remix for Northern Lights, Ingeborg already  immediately resonated with the penetrating melody lines, catchy beats and retro synthesizer sounds.  Now they combined forces to create another remix for Love Lost.  

Herman Kuis his music style can be described as: retro, energetic and unconventional. His contemporary music creates an energetic and nostalgic experience that keeps you moving.  His aim is to dance, connect and have fun together with the audience!   


True North Music EP 

Coverart True North EPIngeborg wrote and composed her music for True North at home and on Mallorca, before she took them into the studio to produce it together with her production team - Alex Wilson (Soundscapes, piano and synths), Marque Gilmore (Beats, drums and sonics) vocals recorded by Cameron van As, Mixed and Mastered by Alex Mullarkey. Vocal pre-production done with LA vocal pre-producer Brad Chapman 

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