Ingeborg announces new collab with music artist 59 Perlen

Ingeborg stumbled upon a captivating track by the talented music artist and performer, 59 Perlen, this year. The magic woven into the melody compelled her to embark on a spontaneous journey of vocal improvisation and lyrical expression. 

Currently in the works, Ingeborg is thrilled to share that she and 59 Perlen are ironing out the details for a collaboration set to debut in February 2024. Talk about exciting news! Every note, every lyric is buzzing with anticipation as they craft what's sure to be a killer track!.🌟

Stay tuned for the story as it unfolds, promising a musical journey full of unleashed creativity. The canvas of 2024 is itching for the strokes of this collaborative effort, where magic and music collide to create an unforgettable experience. 🎶✨

Join Ingeborg on her music journey where her creative vibes in 2024 break boundaries, building up to a crescendo that'll resonate with those who dig the beauty of pure expression. 🎶✨

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