Siren's Call: A Symphony of Compassion and Love

A mesmerizing artwork capturing the essence of the Siren song, blending Zurich-based German Artist and performer 59 Perlen with Dutch Singer-Songwriter Ingeborg. 

Zurich, February 23, 2024 - Today marks the crescendo, the moment when Zurich-based German Artist and performer 59 Perlen joins forces with Dutch Singer-Songwriter Ingeborg to release their musical masterpiece titled "Siren." This collaboration transcends the ordinary; it's a profound message of compassion and love crafted to pierce the complexities of our world.


A Serenade of Compassion and Love

In a world fraught with conflicts and uncertainties, "Siren" emerges as a beacon of hope and unity. The lyrics echo a promise: "If the weight of the world surrounds you, and you are drowning, I'll swim to you. I will show you a world underwater, creative wonders, shapes, and magic views.”

The Unlikely Collaboration: A Story of Inspiration

The inception of "Siren" is as enchanting as the song itself. Ingeborg found inspiration to contribute a vocal melody and lyric improvisation after discovering 59 Perlen's 2023 Release „Swim To You“ on Instagram. This spontaneous collaboration blossomed into a profound musical journey, uniting two artists from different music backgrounds to create something truly extraordinary.

Transformative Lyrics for a Conflicted World

The lyrics of "Siren" carry a weight of emotion and a promise of solace. In a world where discord often drowns out the melodies of empathy, this song emerges as a poignant reminder that compassion and love can serve as lifelines in tumultuous times. It invites listeners to dive into a world underwater, revealing creative wonders, shapes, and magic views.

The Symphony Unveiled: Single Release on February 23 2024

Today’s the day! Today, on February 23, 2024, the official release of "Siren" as a single is set to enchant the world. This much-anticipated date promises to be a celebration of musical artistry and a gift to those seeking solace and inspiration.


About 59 Perlen and Ingeborg

59 Perlen, an artist and performer in the Zurich music scene, brings a unique blend of electronic and classical influences to his work. Ingeborg, a soulful Dutch Singer-Songwriter, is known for her emotive storytelling through music. Together, they form a synergy that transcends musical boundaries.

Captivating the World with "Siren"

This collaboration between 59 Perlen and Ingeborg is set to captivate audiences globally. The release of "Siren" marks a pivotal moment in the musical landscape, resonating with those seeking solace and connection in a conflicted world.

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