Northern Lights (Herman Kuis Remix)


Herman Kuis is an emerging DJ and Producer from Ingeborg's hometown Groningen in the Netherlands. He discovered Ingeborg’s single Northern Lights after her released in november 2019, and reached out for collaboration.

After presenting his first idea to the remix, Ingeborg immediately resonated with the penetrating melody lines, catchy beats and retro synthesizer sounds.

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True North


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True North

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True North, is the name of Ingeborg’s debut EP, to be released on 16 June 2021, in honor of her late grandmother. The EP consists of 6 songs of which Northern Lights, Rebel hearts, Crying with the wolves and Compass, already have been released. The music tells a special story about Ingeborg as an artist and person on her journey to enlightenment. The powerful drums resonate like rituals, awakening the heart, standing up for freedom of the mind body spirit and unconditional love.

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Portrait Ingeborg with hair down and hand up, wearing rigg and bracelet in warm metal color, photo session for True North  in warm brown towns


An endless passion for music for discovery, for life.

Ingeborg  is a Dutch Dream Pop musician who moved to Zurich, Switzerland in 2013 to pursue a new life and music. She experiments with soundscapes and electronic elements, whilst keeping her rich, melodical voice at center stage.

I want to make a positive impact by creating music with a meaningful message, that empowers women around the globe to believe in the full potential that resides inside of them.

I want to be the voice for women who have been silenced and speak up on their behalf.

Ultimately I want to create meaningful art, that connects with the heart and provides a beacon to guide women around the globe on their own journey in life, that inspires, and supports them to live it, a meaningful experience.

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To build your empire on solid grounds, you have to start within... Trust your inner voice. She will take you out of your comfort zone, into the wild, cause wild she is.directing you away from conditioning, old belief systems, habits and traditions, that have kept you caged for so long...I know it asks for courage, patience resilience and trust. Just keep your eye on your North Star, because she will guide you home…..


Northern Lights (Herman Kuis Remix) Available on all music platforms 

  DUTCH COLLABORATION ESTABLISHED THROUGH A LOVE FOR STRANGER THINGS.  ZURICH, August 27 2021: Artist and songwriter Ingeborg releases her first remix to the song Northern Lights in a Dutch collaboration with Herman Kuis. Northern lights is the first single from …

Debut EP True North Now Available 

A meaningful music experience, and an ode to the rising of the divine Feminine. 

ZURICH June 2021: Today, Ingeborg officially releases her debut EP ‘True North’ in loving memory of her late grandmother, born on 16 June 1919, and honoring


Music release official announcement for Debut EP True North to arrive in June.  

ZURICH, 7 May 2021: On the day of her single release ‘Rebel Hearts’, Ingeborg officially announces her debut EP ‘True North’ will arrive on 16 June 2021.


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